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Hand-Drawn SRPG Regalia – Of Sons And Monarchs Confirmed For PS4, PS Vita



Pixelated Milk has confirmed that its hand-drawn Japanese-style strategy-RPG Regalia – Of Sons and Monarchs will be heading to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2016.


This is on account of the Kickstarter stretch goal set at $60,000 for the PlayStation versions to happen having being reached. The base goal of the crowdfunding campaign, set at $45,000, was reached in just 11 days, securing the game a release on Windows and Linux.



With this stretch goal reached, those who pledged $25 or more to the game’s Kickstarter will be able to get a digital version of the game on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita, as well as PC.


Regalia – Of Sons and Monarchs gives you two years of in-game time to restore your family’s kingdom to its former glory. It has turn-based dungeon battles on isometric grids, factions to meet and side with, city building and upgrades, and NPC conversations that unlock new features.

Chris Priestman