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Hand of Fate 2 Bringing RPG Action, Minigames, And Difficult Decisions To Xbox One



The magical card dealer returns in Hand of Fate 2, dealing out hands filled with third person action RPG combat, trap-dodging minigames, and difficult decisions to players on PS4, PC, and now, Xbox One.




Like its predecessor, Hand of Fate, Hand of Fate 2 will have players overcoming trials created by a magical dealer as he doles out cards to the player in a meta-boardgame. These hands can send players into combat, minigames, or decision-making sequences, and this time around, are designed to train the game’s new heroine so she can defeat the protagonist of the last game.




Hand of Fate 2 introduces companions who will provide support in combat and new directions in the game’s decision-making segments. Players no longer win when reaching a specific card in the dealer’s hand in this game, instead having to accomplish set goals to finish a game.




Hand of Fate 2 has also added dual-wielding and two-handed weapons, adding more options for combat. These will come in handy against the game’s new enemy types, each connected by card suits.




Hand of Fate 2 is set to release on all platforms in Q1 2017.

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