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Hands-On With Diablo III’s Necromancer – Combat Corpse Recycling



With the Necromancer class coming to Diablo III, players will soon be able to put corpses to use, making every downed enemy into a useful tool to increase their power.


Siliconera recently got a chance to try out the melee build for the new class, getting a feel for all of the abilities that will make players masters of death itself.




Blood and bone make for useful tools for a Necromancer, but first, enemies must be taken out to get things rolling. This is where the Grim Scythe power comes in handy, sending a glowing scythe out in an arc in front of the player. Not only can this strike multiple enemies at once, but it also restores Essence, which will let players fuel some of their abilities.


Should players wish to increase the radius of their attack (and with dozens of enemies attacking at once during this build, they would), they could use Blood Nova. This AOE attack did very high damage, and also attacked all around the character in a circle. However, the tradeoff with this power comes with its HP cost, meaning getting a little overzealous with this ability will cost players their lives.




This is where the Devour ability can come in handy. Devour lets players consume nearby corpses, absorbing them instantly to gain back health and Essence. As long as there are dead bodies within the power’s large range, players will be able to gain back a great deal of health in a split second. Since players will be making many bodies with the Blood Nova power, using these two abilities in tandem makes for a solid combat combo.


Should players wish to gain health back while monsters are still alive, the Leech ability lets them absorb life from living monsters they attack. This helps them gain back even more health, which again fuels the energies needed to start hurling out highly-damaging Blood Novas.




Using all of these powers together creates a useful chain, finding ways to draw in health so players can use Blood Nova often, causing tons of damage that will regain the health it is costing, while creating bodies the player can use to get back even more HP. It’s a dangerous cycle that a careless player might goof up, but one that promises a high damage output in exchange.


It’s not like all attention will be on the player, either, as they can also summon a Blood Golem using those corpses they don’t devour. This creates a powerful pet that will keep enemies occupied, pounding them with its fists while soaking up a lot of damage. If players are in trouble, this creature will keep them safe. Being made up of body parts may make it hard to look at for some players, though.




This build of the game let players explore a field filled with enemies, using the abilities together to mow down reams of creatures. Even a boss was little match for the Necromancer’s damage output, creating a class that made for risky, exciting combat. Even if things did get tense, the Blood Rush power would let players teleport a short distance away, getting them out of trouble.


The highly-aggressive class made for a great deal of fun to play, and using health to cast powerful spells created a hint of tension that only added to the enjoyment. The melee build alone is looking like a solid combat choice, and will make for some risky fun when the Rise of the Necromancer pack releases.

Alistair Wong
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