PlayStation 3

Hands on with Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom



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I’ve never played the PSP Untold Legends games, because they looked like mindless dungeon hacks. The first console game in the series takes a lot of the RPG elements and turns it into more of an action game. At a passing glance, it’s easy to confuse this with Sony’s Heavenly Sword, right down to the overly bright and shiny graphics, although artistically it’s not quite as good looking as Genji. The objective seemed to be to hunt down a number of portals and destroy them, as well as slaughtering any of the numerous enemies in your path. There were a few different combos to execute, each reducing bad guys into an array of blood and guts, although there didn’t seem to be much in the way of dodge commands. Unlike Genji, the camera is player controlled, and is manipulated by the right analog stick. While this game might suit fans of the PSP games, because it is good, stupid fun, I can definitely see how it’ll get old pretty quickly, because there didn’t seem to be much variation in the action, which would ultimately put it next to subpar PS2 action game Nanobreaker.

Kurt Kalata