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What Happened To Lily Bergamo? You Already Saw It, In “Let it Die”



When Lily Bergamo was introduced, Grasshopper Manufacture’s Goichi Suda, or Suda51, talked about how it will be a “super action game”. The same game wasn’t shown as this year’s E3, as it took a rather unexpected twist. Suda and GungHo CEO Kazuki Morshita shared more with Famitsu.


Famitsu kicked off the interview by asking if their action shooter title that was shown in E3, Let it Die, is a completely new game, and if it has any kind of relation with Lily Bergamo, which has already been announced.


“This should be thoroughly explained, right Morishita-san?” responded Suda.


“… wait, me? Okay, if you’ll allow me to explain it first,” said Morishita. “Last year we announced Lily Bergamo, but as we continued with the development and continued with the plans, as a result of asking ourselves what kind of ‘super action game’ we should be making, it resulted in the ‘sublimation’ of Lily Bergamo becoming Let it Die.”


Morishita continued, “Without changing the concept of having ‘super action’ and asynchronous online connectivity as the root, rather, from having kept that as a big part of it, we also put in more strengths on the survival aspect, and it evolved into what you saw in game we presented.”


So, basically, Let it Die has the original concept that Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Online Entertainment had in mind for Lily Bergamo, with a little more emphasis on the survival part of the game.


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When asked whether the female protagonist ‘Tae Ioroi’ will be in Let it Die, Morishita said that she won’t be in the game, as players will be controlling their own avatar characters in the upcoming game.


According to Morishita, this has been planned since late last year, and a result that came from thinking about what kind of game they should aim to make, as the development continued.

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