Nintendo 3DS

It’s Happy Hour In Japan For Pokémon X And Y Fans



Japan gets all the cool stuff, and so, too, do visitors to their Pokémon Centers, apparently. As part of a New Year celebration, every Pokémon Center in Japan will be giving away a special version of Inkay for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. While it was previously limited to only the new Tokyo Bay store it’s now available at every one from now till the 26th of January 2014.


What’s so special about this Inkay anyway? Well this special present version of the squiddy thing comes with a unique skill that’s available nowhere else and can’t be taught to anyone else—Happy Time (Or Happy Hour, if we prefer the more English way of saying it).


The skill doubles the amount of prize money paid out at the end of fights if you cast it, which can help those who need a little bit of extra moolah. This skill can’t be found anywhere else except on those Inkay’s picked up as presents so if you somehow get this, don’t lose it or make Inkay forget the skill! It also comes with Foul Play, Hypnosis and Inkay’s signature move Topsy-Turvy.