A Hard-Hitting Mechanic & Punk Magus Work Together In This Paper Mario-Inspired RPG



Jiro and Yagiko are on the lookout for Soul Lamps – treasures from another dimension that house restless, but handy, spirits – and will tangle with any goofball that gets in their way using timing-based attacks in RPG Blue Omen Operation.


Blue Omen Operation follows Yagiko, a self-taught mechanic infested with an alien parasite that won’t let him sleep, and Jiro, a punk Magus who knows magic and the underworld, but can’t swim and sometimes gets birds stuck in her hair. These two have set out to collect Soul Lamps across the game’s goofy world, dealing with silly NPCs and quests as events begin to occur around a sarcophagus from space known as the Blue Omen.

Any time Yagiko and Jiro run into trouble from cleaver-wielding bears and other unsavory wildlife, they’ll enter turn-based battles. These use timing-based attacks and blocks inspired by Paper Mario, allowing players to deal extra damage or avoid incoming hits. Skilled players can go the entire game without taking a hit, and should also be able to use some devastating magic attacks by playing small minigames (think Warioware) to make those hit even harder.


Blue Omen Operation is raising development funding on Kickstarter (but has already surpassed its initial goal), with a demo available through

Alistair Wong
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