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Hardcore Mecha Adds New Round Hammer Variation Mecha In New Update


hardcore mecha 11

Rocket Punch Games and Arc System Works have announced that Hardcore Mecha, the 2D action mecha title that released in June, is getting a free DLC update. The update has released on PlayStation 4 first.


The update fixes several bugs, and also brings the first in several upcoming DLC units: the Round Hammer: Particle Cannon (P Cannon for short). While the Round Hammer is by itself already a formidable mecha, this new cannon adds even more oomph into its attacks.


Apart from DLC units, the team is also planning to add various other modes in the future, including co-op modes, survival mode, and more.


Hardcore Mecha is available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. The update will release on Steam later on.

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