Harem Protagonist Has A Self-Aware Protagonist Romancing Seven Women


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Harem Protagonist’s main character knows he’s in a harem visual novel, and with the help of the Narrator voice in his head, he’ll be able to steal the hearts of the game’s seven datable women.




Harem Protagonist plays around with the genre’s tropes to create a lighthearted adventure. Over the course of play, the player’s decisions will dictate whether he gets closer to the women in the game, each with their own personalities and desires. Players will also have to manage stats in order to get closer to the girl they like.




All of the characters are fully animated, moving and showing emotions over the course of conversation.




Harem Protagonist expects to release sometime in mid-2017, and is running Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns to help make that happen. A demo is also available from the Kickstarter page.

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