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Harmonix Music VR Turns Your Songs Into A Virtual Wonderscape On Project Morpheus



Harmonix Music VR is a music visualizer for Project Morpheus in development by the studio that made Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Frequency.


The idea is for you to play a song of your choosing and then the software analyzes it before bringing it to life as a whole virtual world for you to fly through inside the headset. According to developer Harmonix, its “song analysis voodoo” is able to “look at the entire song, break it into sections, identify specific drum hits, and even categorize the feel of song sections to drive the visual and environmental transformations.”


But Harmonix doesn’t want to force a specific kind of experience on to every single song. And so you’re able to tweak the world generation from a more relaxing experience to something more energetic and intense, as well as everything in between. And you don’t just sit inside the Project Morpheus headset listening either, as you can interact with certain elements in these worlds that will trigger changes inside of it.

Chris Priestman