Harrison Ford Stars In Indiana Jones And The figma Of Your Dreams


    Good Smile have applied the finishing touches on good ol’ Indiana Jones himself, in figma form, and are including in the box several of the series’ more iconic treasures such as the Golden Idol, Sankara Stone and the Holy Grail to pose Jones with.





    The whip-wielding, thrill-seeking man-figure comes with a soft material jacket that allows for extra posability, as well as his whip in both folded and open form and a pistol revolver. Good Smile haven’t included alternative heads, but there’s an extra pair of eyes (I don’t even know how that would work) that allow Indie to look either forwards or to the side. You’ll also note that the figma is pretty well balanced overall, being posed without need for a figma stand.



    If you want Indiana Jones to go on an adventure with you, he’ll be available for order from March 21st.


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