Nintendo 3DS

Harvest Moon: Connect To A New Land’s First Trailer Shows Off Safaris


In this morning’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, we got a look at Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land’s first trailer, which showed off some of the game’s features.



At 0:42 we get a look at various farm activities in the game, such as taking care of crops and livestock. Next, they show a little bit of the Trade Station, where you’ll get to trade goods to different countries around the world.


The Safari feature in the video also gives us a glimpse at how you’ll be interacting with different animals. It’s called a Safari, but there seems to be different types of terrains such as snowy areas with penguins, so we might be seeing many other new animals that have yet to be seen in the series.


We also get a look at the relationship system that allows you to marry a partner and start a family. Finally, the trailer shares a look at the multiplayer feature, where you’ll get to visit your friends’ ranches and also give items as presents. Players you encounter through the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass features will also randomly appear in your town.


Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land will be coming out on February 27, 2014 in Japan, for Nintendo 3DS.

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