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Hatashiai Is A Realistic Japanese Sword-Fighting Game


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Hatashiai, the 3D fighting game that uses realistic Japanese Kenjutsu sword fighting techniques in its combat between legendary martial artists throughout history, is seeking crowdfunding through Indiegogo.




Hatashiai is built upon real-world history, drawing from eight schools of Kenjutsu for its fighting styles. All techniques are real, and to create a realistic sense of impact and defense, the developers have crafted a physics-base sword contact detection system. Players will not have a dedicated block button, but will instead have to use a move that will counter their opponent’s sword’s path.



Opponents can be killed or disabled in a single hit, so any performance enhancement will be necessary. Swords can therefore be customized, swapping out paths of the weapon in order to alter how it behaves in combat.




When Hatashiai launches in Early Access in Winter 2016, it is expected to have local and online multiplayer, a story mode with twenty characters, and a practice mode. While only currently slated for a PC release, they may also bring the game to PS4 and Xbox One.

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