Hatsune Miku And The Vocaloids Meet Regular Humans In Sega And Craft Egg’s Project Sekai


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Today, Sega held a livestream for Project Sekai, a new mobile game featuring Hatsune Miku and the Vocaloids developed by Colorful Palette, a new studio established by BanG Dream! developer Craft Egg.


Check out an overview trailer below:


Project Sekai takes place in both modern Japan around Shibuya, and is essentially like our world, where Miku, Len, Rin, Luka, Kaito and Meiko are virtual singers that are used to sing the songs of creators. However, one of the protagonists, Ichika Hoshino, one day accidentally stumbles upon ‘Sekai’, a mysterious world born from “thoughts”, and is thus also the place where songs are born.

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As Sekai is created from thought, it can take on many forms, and Miku and the others take on many different looks with different outfits as well. Worlds are born in the realm of Sekai from people’s thoughts, and by finding the true name (meaning) of the song, and meeting the Vocaloid of that world, and singing the song together, the song is finally born into the real world with its name.


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The game has been in development for the past two years, and began when the developers met during the Hatsune Miku collaboration with the Shinkalion anime.


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Currently, five Sekai worlds are planned, split into Band, Idol, Street, Musical, and Underground.



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The game will have players moving between the real world and Sekai, and conversation parts will be in Live2D.


Rhythm Game(*No sound)


Live2D conversation parts

Video 1


Video 2


There will be both Project Sekai and original versions of songs that appear in the game. You can freely select between them. Project Sekai versions will have a virtual singer like Miku singing alongside original characters in this game.

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Sega also showed off that Miku and the others will have different outfits to wear, and that the game will have 5 difficulties, with a new Master difficulty that will challenge even the most hardcore of smartphone rhythm game players.

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Currently, the following songs were revealed to be in the game, with more to be revealed later on:

  1. Just Be Friends
  2. Sweet Magic
  3. Viva Happy
  4. Miracle Paint
  5. Rettou Joutou
  6. Roki


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Currently, creators like DECO*27, Mitchie M, Giga, Pinocchio-P, and Mafumafu are participating in the game. Mitchie M will be creating the first theme song for Project Sekai.


The voicebank provider for Hatsune Miku, Saki Fujita, will provide voicework for the conversation parts of the game, with her voice run through a different hybrid software to create Miku’s voice.



Leo/need (Band)

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project sekai 16

A band consisting of childhood friends. From left to right, they are Shibu Hinomori (CV: Yuki Nakashima), Ichika Hoshino (CV: Ruriko Noguchi), Saki Tenma (CV: Karin Isobe), Honami Mochizuki (Reina Ueda).

They are assisted by Miku and Luka, who appear in a Sekai that looks like a classroom, and will give them the confidence to move forward.


More More Jump! (Idol)

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More More Jump! consists of one girl who has idol aspirations, and three girls who gave up on their idol work for various reasons. From left to right, they are Airi Momoi (CV: Ai Furihata), Haruka Kiritani (CV: Mayu Yoshioka), Minori Hanasato (CV: Yui Ogura), and Shizuku Hinomori (CV: Rina Honizumi).

They work together with Miku and Rin, who will help them realize their true passion, and dance and sing alongside them.


Vivid Bad Squad (Street)

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Vivid Bad Squad is a group of street performers who gathered together in order “to surpass a legend”. From left to right, they are Asato Shinonome (CV: Fumiya Imai), An Shiraishi (CV: Tomomi Jiena Sumi), Kohane Azusawa (CV: Akina), and Touya Aoyagi (CV: Kento Itou).

The virtual singers working together with them are Meiko, who’s the owner of a street cafe, and Miku and DJ Len, who become consultants with Vivid Bad Squad.


Wonderlands x Showtime (Musical)

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Wonderland’s Showtime is a lively group of people who want to put on a good show. From left to right, they are Rui Kamishiro (CV: Shunichi Toki), Emu Ootori (CV: Hina Kino), Tsukasa Tenma (CV: Daisuke Hirose), and Nene Kusanagi (CV: Machico).

Miku and Kaito are the Vocaloid virtual singers who work together with them.


25-ji, Night Chord de (Underground)

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A mysterious music group who only perform at night. They are Mizuki Akiyama (CV: Hinata Satou), Kanade Yoisaki (CV: Tomori Kusunoki), Mafuyu Asahina (CV: Rui Tanabe), and Ena Shinonome (CV: Minori Suzuki).

They work with a Miku who’s somewhat different and has white hair.


Finally, here’s the main visual for the game:

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Project Sekai is in development for iOS and Android.

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