Hatsune Miku’s Next Adventure Puts Her In A Musical Smartphone RPG



We’ve been seeing quite a lot of Hatsune Miku lately with her appearance in Brave Frontier and in her very own art exhibition that is being held in New York. Meanwhile, for her next game-related antics, Miku will be going on an RPG adventure in an upcoming smartphone game called Graphy Collection.



In Hatsune Miku: Graphy Collection: The Mysterious Musical Comet, Miku and friends will go around in all kinds of musical stages with RPG battles. Like most smartphone games, there are various cards to collect, that feature different Vocaloids.



The game also has a dress-up feature as well, but instead of regular costumes as seen in other Miku games, these ones count as proper gear. Items are acquired through quests while battles consist of card fights.


As far as the game’s story goes, it’s about a mysterious musical comet that suddenly appeared one day, and since then, all the sounds in town have gone strange. It’ll be up to Miku and friends to bring back the songs that were taken away, and make the village nice and musical as the way it used to be.


Players can register early on the official website to score five Miku Coins and a limited edition Super Rare card.



Apparently, fans in Japan already succeeded in its Twitter campaign for a special costume for the Vocaloid heroine, in addition to naming the navigational character “Melopy”.


Graphy Collection: The Mysterious Musical Comet launches on October 28, 2014 on Android and iOS.

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