Look At The Filipino Folklore Horror Of Devastated Dreams With Its Demo


Infinitap Games has released a demo for its upcoming 2D psychological horror adventure Devastated Dreams. You can download it for Windows, Mac, and Linux using the links on its Kickstarter page.


Devastated Dreams is a spiritual successor to Infinitap’s Neverending Nightmares. It’s based on two of the biggest fears that its creator – Matt Gilgenbach – has ever felt. The first being his fear for his unborn child and its vulnerability. The second rooted in his stay in the Philippines without running water and electricity while visiting his wife’s family.


You play as a pregnant woman called Angel as she has nightmares during which she is haunted by various creatures from Filipino folklore. This includes the Manananggal that are female monsters who rip off their lower half and grow wings in order to find pregnant women and suck the fetuses out of them. Then there’s the Tiyanak which are demon babies who roam the forest crying for help and then revealing their true form once adopted. There will also be Tik-Taks, which eat unborn babies like the Manananggal, but make a distinctive ticking noise that gets quieter the closer they are to you.


To survive all of the encounters with the creatures you’ll have to solve puzzles, explore the dark with only a flashlight to hand, run away from them, and struggle to get out of snares by succeeding in one-button quick-time events.


Infinitap Games is looking for $115,896 on Kickstarter in order to finish the development of Devastated Dreams in time for a September 2016 launch.

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