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Headmaster For Project Morpheus Is A Soccer Game Played With Your Head



Former game director at Activision Ben Throop set-up his own studio called Frame Interactive earlier this year and now he’s ready to announce his first independent game. It’s called Headmaster and it’s heading to Project Morpheus on PlayStation 4.


Headmaster is a soccer game but you don’t play with your feet. Instead, it’s all about scoring goals by heading the ball into the back of the net. You just have to place your head at the point where the ball meets it and turn your neck to aim. You can imagine how ridiculous this looks to people watching you.


The idea is that you’re at a training facility to improve your dire heading skills. And so you’re put through a number of rigorous and, at times, barmy tests. It starts off easy enough with a large open goal and a few markers lining it that you can hit with the ball for extra points.



Eventually, however, the tests introduce cranes, walls of crates, piñatas, explosives, and at one point the goal turns into a shooting gallery complete with duck targets. The variety on offer here resembles that of Wii Sports – perhaps Headmaster will have a similar universal appeal.


Anyway, in each test you’re rated out of three stars depending on how many points you can score. If you don’t score enough then you fail and have to start over. You can find out more about Headmaster on its website.

Chris Priestman