Heal To Survive In A Healer Only Lives Twice



As a brand-new priest, players have healing and buffing work to do in PonPon Games’ A Healer Only Lives Twice, a strategy game where the player’s only role is keeping their knight comrade in fighting shape.




A priest and knight have found themselves in a dungeon surrounded by monsters in A Healer Only Lives Twice. The knight will handle the front line fighting so long as he’s alive, so it’s up to the player to keep him that way, selecting items and abilities to keep him buffed and healthy. Players can also point out who he should be attacking by keeping an eye on turn order.



Players also need to watch their torch while exploring this dark place, as they have to make it to the next tier before it burns out. Even if they fail, each run will give the healer upgrade points that can be used to improve their abilities for the next time they tackle the dungeon.




A Healer Only Lives Twice is available now on Steam and Playism.

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