Healer’s Quest Is About Managing The Party’s Mood As Well As Its Health


Healer’s Quest has players acting as the healer for a group of clumsy adventurers, desperately trying to keep them alive despite their poor decision-making skills. Despite their own deaths often being their fault, though, players will still need to make sure the party’s mood, as well as their health, is in good shape, as a cranky warrior can cause a lot of trouble.


Players will have to manage their mana as their party gets clobbered, knowing when to fire off their best heals or remove a status ailment. If the player has poor timing or burns through all of their mana at the wrong time, party members will start to drop as punishing enemies and bosses hammer away at them. Players will be able to choose which heals they unlock as they win battles, though, so they can customize their spell use to their own play style.

Should party members get knocked out or lose the fight, they may start sulking or acting irritated in the next fight, creating a domino effect of problems for everyone else. To get through this, players will be able to use magical curatives and unique spells, or they can also make some witty dialogue options to have a chance to dispel the foul mood.


Healer’s Quest is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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