Heart Of Crown’s Northern Enchantress Expansion Brings New Cards & A New Princess



The Northern Enchantress expansion brings new cards and rulers to Heart of Crown, a card game designed around backing princesses to ascend the royal throne.



The Northern Enchantress expansion offers a new potential ruler in Anastasia, a witch with illusion-based magic. She offers several new abilities, but the set itself also comes with thirteen new cards that come with some different mechanics that enhance the base game. There are also several new playable scenarios for players to work through, as well as more card sets that offer some pre-built play styles for players to try out.

Heart of Crown will have up to four players vying for the throne, each able to purchase territories, attacks, curses, and defenses, but all players will be struggling to acquire these cards as well, forcing players to carefully choose what they pick up. Through careful planning and observing opponents for weaknesses (or sticking them with one through card plays), players may just be able to help their chosen princess ascend the throne. Each princess has her own abilities to assist in this matter, so who the player backs is just as important as how they intend to back them.


The Heart of Crown: Northern Enchantress expansion is available now on Steam (although players need the base game to play as well).

Alistair Wong
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