If My Heart Had Wings Is Getting A New… Something… Published By 5pb



What you’re seeing in the video teaser above is If My Heart Had Wings: Cruise Sign. We aren’t quite sure what it is, but it’s being published by 5pb in Japan.


Last year, we brought word that If My Heart Had Wings was being localized into English. Telling the tale of Aoi Minase, a boy who returns to his hometown after having his dreams shattered and meeting wheelchair-bound Kotori Hanabe, it was one of those rare visual novel games that got itself rated by the ESRB and PEGI.


It was rated T for Teen by the by, as the English release pulled all mature content. This original title was created by Japanese devs Pulltop and brought over to the west by MoeNovel with assistance from Active Gaming Media and MangaGamer.


However, in Japan, there was also a fan disc for the game, titled If My Heart Had Wings: Flight Diary. And now, it looks like somehow, 5pb’s gotten the rights to publish the next… whatever it is that Pulltop are creating… in Cruise Sign. Another fandisc?


The interesting thing here is that there’s nary a hint as to what Cruise Sign will be about. Cruise Sign’s background wallpaper choice, for instance, is exactly the same as Flight Diary’s, though, so perhaps that does allude to it being a fandisc of some sort.


We’ll keep you posted when we learn more.