Heaven Burns Red Final Trailer Reveals February Release

Heaven Burns Red

Heaven Burns Red, a new RPG from Clannad and Angel Beats! developer Key, will launch on February 10, 2022. The information comes courtesy of the game’s final pre-release trailer, which Key uploaded to its official YouTube channel.

The trailer sets up the premise of Heaven Burns Red. A mysterious alien life form called “Cancer” is attacking humanity, and conquered most of the Earth’s surface. With mankind on the brink of calamity, it develops a new weapon called Seraph. Only young women with certain talents are able to wield Seraphs, and those capable are assembled into Seraph Units to go to war against the Cancers.

One such Seraph-wielder is Ruka Kayamori. She’s the captain of Seraph Squad 31A, and former guitarist/vocalist for the famous rock band She Is Legend. She needs to balance her duties as a Seraph-wielder with her desire to return to her band alongside her squaddies. The game itself will feature visual novel-style storytelling segments. These will include character dialogue, bespoke event art, and choices. Field exploration segments will allow characters to explore the areas of humanity’s last refuge, and 3D battles will show off the characters’ abilities against the Cancers.

Check out another trailer from November 2021 showing off character abilities and art from Seraph Squad 31X.

Heaven Burns Red was first announced in 2019 as Key celebrated its 21st anniversary. As the game is a mobile RPG, development was a collaboration between Key itself and Wright Flyer Studios, which developed Afterlost – Shoumetsu Toshi. The announcement also touted the return of Jun Maeda as creative head for the first time in 13 years. Maeda’s previous work was Little Busters! Maeda wrote the main scenario and produced music for the game. After several delays out of its initial 2020 launch window, Key confirmed a final February 2022 window, then narrowed to next week as of this trailer.

Heaven Burns Red launches in Japan for iOS and Android on February 10, 2022. Localization plans have not yet been detailed.

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