Heaven Burns Red Livestream to Reveal New Information

Heaven Burns Red Livestream

Wright Flyer Studios has revealed that an upcoming livestream will reveal more information about Heaven Burns Red. This livestream will provide new information about the mobile title. The broadcast will take place on September 11, 2021 at 8pm JST/7am ET/4am PT. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The information that will appear through the livestream includes the scenario of Heaven Burns Red, the game systems, and its characters. Additionally, leading up to the livestream, an official trailer has been released. This new trailer showcases several characters, along with a brief look at gameplay.

You can watch the Heaven Burns Red trailer below.

Announced in 2019, it was revealed that Heaven Burns Red would be an RPG that would arrive on Android and iOS devices. However, details regarding the development of the title have remained scarce until now. Jun Maeda will lead the project as its creative head, as revealed during the original announcement of the title.

However, information regarding the livestream indicates that Heaven Burns Red will reappear as an entirely new title, as development as effectively restarted on the project.

First announced in 2019, Heaven Burns Red is currently in development for Android and iOS. It does not currently have a potential window of release.

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