Heaven x Inferno Teaser Trailer Shows A Glimpse Of Its Gameplay



tri-Ace is working with Durarara!! and Baccano! creator Ryogo Narita for an upcoming smartphone action RPG called Heaven x Inferno. The game’s first teaser trailer gives us a glimpse of its gameplay.


As previously reported, Heaven x Inferno’s world is split between the three worlds of the heavens of “Aura,” the human realm of “Terra Septem,” the netherworld Gehenna. It takes place in a world with only humans, as angels and demons vanished after a thousand-year war between God and the demons.


The gameplay revolves around blasting enemies off the heavens, knocking them down in the netherworld. The enemy strength changes according to the hierarchy of the netherworld, human realm, and heaven.


Basically, the game revolves around blasting enemies up to the heavens and hitting them down to hell. While we don’t have any other details on how the game plays, you can get an idea on the bits of gameplay shown on the teaser trailer



The smartphone RPG is being written by Ryogo Narita and will have music composed by Yuzo Koshiro.


Heaven x Inferno will release in Japan in spring 2016 for Android and iPhone. It’ll be free-to-play with premium items purchasable with cash.

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