Hegemone Pass Is A Turn-Based RPG Of Cute Knights And Underworld Power




When Demeter steals the title of Queen of the Underworld from Persephone, the only people she can turn to are a group of three cute knights in sidescrolling turn-based RPG Hegemone Pass.




Persephone can only loan her power to one of the knights at a time, which results in the game’s Leadership system. Being the chosen leader in combat means that knight conveys special bonuses on the group and penalties for the enemy. However, should that knight fall, the player gets an instant Game Over. The enemy team also has their own leader, though, and the player wins a fight the moment the enemy leader dies.


The role of leader can be passed during that character’s turn using the Hegemone Pass command, which can be used to save the player from losing. All of the knights have their own specific bonuses they confer as leader, so this ability can also be used to switch to a new set of benefits.




When not in combat (which is entered by touching enemies in the field), players will be platforming across 2D landscapes. Each knight also has their own platforming abilities on top of their combat skills, so players will need to switch between the various warriors to cross each level.


Hegemone Pass has no specific release window at this time.

Alistair Wong
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