Heliophobia’s Sequence Of Horror/Mystery Events Is Different Every Time



First person horror/mystery game Heliophobia will procedurally-generate its sequence of events, playing out its scenes and gameplay segments in a different order on each run.




Players will have to sneak and hide from monsters as they cross a city, as well as solve puzzles and explore. The game will be split up into different segments, and each of these sections will have different goals and challenges. Each of these is set up to be different in terms of gameplay or design, which is meant to keep the player uneasy through constant shifts in what the game expects of them.




The order of these segments will be different on each run. Inspired by Memento and Mulholland Drive, players will have to draw their own conclusions from the fragmented, disjointed story no matter the order they receive it in. They can replay levels in the right order or retry the story to get a better understanding across multiple playthroughs, though.




Heliophobia’s developers are aiming for a full release in 2017. Interested players can sign up for the game’s newsletter.

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