Hell Warders Asks Four Players To Protect An Area From Demonic Assault



Hell Warders pits four players against the varied legions of hell, meeting them head on as they protect the Nexus from destruction in this third person action game.




Players will choose from a variety of heroes to defend their territory. The developer has only announced the Knight, Ash, who uses sword-based attacks, and Dead Eye, who uses hand cannons to blast foes that approach. Other heroes will be added to flesh out the game giving players many different warriors to choose from to beat back the demons.


The players’ protection missions will take place in many different locations, each with elemental hazards like tornadoes and lava to make combat more complex. Players will have to protect multiple entrances in these areas, building their own defenses and damaging towers to slow down the onslaught of colossal fire demons, giant wurms, and other massive foes.




Players will have a difficult decision when it comes to powerups. Their Nexus crystal, which they must protect to survive, will create powerups that get strewn across the map. These will provide a great deal of aid, but will mean sending out one or more heroes out into the open to grab them, putting them and everyone else in danger.


Hell Warders is heading to Steam Early Access in June. Its developers are currently raising funding on IndieGoGo in hopes of adding further features.

Alistair Wong
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