Hellenica Offers A Tactical Steampunk Vision Of Ancient Greece



Hellenica takes players to a steampunk re-envisioning of ancient Greece, pitting them in tactical, turn-based RPG combat across an alternate history.




Arktos is Artemis’ chosen warrior, and she’ll fight alongside several important figures in this re-imagined, steam-powered history. She can join Plato and Socrates as they fight to maintain order in Athens, assist a technologically-augmented king of Sparta against rebels, or help Cyrus the Persian liberate his people.




All battles will be carried out in isometric, turn-based tactical combat. On top of regular combat skills and attacks, players will also be able to throw, bounce, and push other characters around, using the map in clever ways to ensure victory.




Players can take multiple paths through the game’s story, choosing various routes to victory and forging their own alliances. They’ll also get to see the effects steam technology has had on this ancient world, and the new machines, devices, and weapons that have come out of it.




Hellenica is projected to release in Winter of 2016, and is raising votes on Steam Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
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