In Hellhunter, The Supernatural Is No Match For Your Guns & Wits



Horror action RPG Hellhunter casts players as supernatural investigators, tasking them with searching haunted places for clues, discovering which creature they’ll need to take down, and then choosing the right weapons and tools to face the otherworldly threats.




Players will start off every case with an investigation, searching through each location for clues as to what dark events have occurred. Using various lights, detectors, radar, and wards, the player will slowly figure out past events and receive clues as to what is haunting the place now.


Players can use this information to consult the Cryptonomicon and figure out what they’ll be facing. Once they know, they can arm themselves against that specific threat, using explosives on gargoyles, UV weapons against vampires, and the like. If the player is wrong, though, they’ll end up with a useless weapon against a threat that will quickly tear them apart.




Even if armed poorly, the player isn’t defenseless. Stealth can be used to avoid enemies, and there are several ways to use the environment to avoid detection or get out of trouble. The environments are also destructible, though, so players may have to adapt a plan quickly when a ghost breaks a hiding spot apart.


As players solve cases, they’ll gain cash they can use to buy new equipment and upgrade abilities, growing as a hunter over the course of the game. They’ll also unravel a story involving the main character and his bleak past as well.




Hellhunter is currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

Alistair Wong
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