Hello Charlotte: Childhood’s End – A Psychological Thriller Of Friendship, Fun, & Executions


Hello Charlotte: Childhood’s End, the final chapter in the Hello Charlotte series of surreal psychological thrillers, promises friendship, fun, and executions within the confines of the game’s strange house.


As a puppeteer, players will guide their puppet, Charlotte, through the game’s visual-novel like story, solving puzzles and interacting with their various friends throughout the house. As they do so, they will start to reveal the secrets that lead to the conclusion of the main story through two different narrative routes, although they may have to witness some unsettling visions and presences, possibly involving the White Society and volunteering for the ominous Execution Hour, to do so.

This exploration-based, nightmare-like experience is described as a beginning and an end for Charlotte’s story, teasing at some dark new beginnings that await at the end of the game’s events. Along the way, players will witness some striking, yet frightening, visuals of the other people in the house and the distorted environments of the domicile itself.


Hello Charlotte: Childhood’s End is available now on Steam and

Alistair Wong
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