RosePortal Games has released The Princess’ Heart on Steam, which it describes as having “a style inspired by Earthbound and Final Fantasy 3,” and that takes about 15 hours to play.


It has you playing as Princess Aerin Goldheart who suspects her prince of sleeping with another woman. This leads to her getting drunk and “making a scene” that ends up with the King and Queen sending her away to live inside a forest cottage.


Still not content, Aerin decides to sneak away and sign a contract with the Demon of Desire to make the prince love her again. This is when things go from bad to worse and Aerin finds that she needs to travel across the world in order to free her soul by breaking the deal she made with the demon.


You travel with Aerin across deserts, sky cities, and fire caves. Battles are turn-based and the spells you cast have an area of effect so targeting is important. There are also eight playable characters in total making up your party of adventurers. If you should ever need one, there is a strategy guide for The Princess’ Heart available on the game’s website.

Chris Priestman

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