Help A Crow Save Its Run-Down Hotel In Platformer Crowtel Renovations



When some cat health inspectors show up, the only way for a lonely crow to save its hotel is by fighting off ghosts, solving problems for its oddball tenants, and using a weaponized chirp to slam enemies and fix toilets in sidescrolling platformer Crowtel Renovations. 




Crowtel Renovations takes the cute little crow to nine different levels across the full breadth of the hotel, each of which has its own enemies and tenants with problems to solve. The run-down nature of the hotel won’t make this easy, either, as players will have to contend with leaks, balls of trash, and dangerous dribbling chemicals along the way.


Crowtel Renovations is an expanded version of the game’s previous release, Crowtel, featuring three more levels, a developer’s commentary, and some other little additions.




Crowtel Renovations is currently raising Greenlight votes for a Steam release. Player curious about what being a crow landlord is like can play the previous release, which is available for free on

Alistair Wong
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