Help Heal The Wounds Of War In This World Unknown


this world unknown sekai project

This World Unknown is the latest visual novel from Ebi-Hime (Strawberry Vinegar, Empty Horizons) and Sekai Project. The player follows the story of a nurse named Rhea, who lives in a small village isolated from many of the realities of her war torn country. When Rhea’s childhood friend returns from the war, however, she learns that not all wounds from war are physical ones.


this world unknown

Rhea is also challenged at work when a patient arrives with a strange illness. With so much to manage, Rhea will have to make some tough choices and deal with the consequences. The player can experience four different storyline paths with 50 CGs in the fantasy setting. The cast consists of 25 characters, featuring all kinds like cat boys, slime girls, witches, and more.



This World Unknown is available via Steam and playable on Linux, Mac, and PC.