Help A Heroic Swordsman Break An Icy Curse In Action RPG Sword Of Fireheart



Dario, a swordsman, returns to his village after a trip to find it, and all its inhabitants, frozen. To save them, he must set out into the world, facing the icy monsters of action RPG Sword of Fireheart.




All actions in Sword of Fireheart, from talking to getting items to attacking, are executed by clicking. To ensure that their attacking clicks are at their best, players can dictate where to add points to their stats every time Dario levels up. Players will also have access to items to help them out, but will only be able to carry up to five different types in their bag at a time.




Enemy groups may or may not be interested in the player immediately, as each has a different mood class. Some are peaceful and will only attack when hit, neutral ones will ignore the player but draw in multiple enemies when hit, and aggressive ones will always attack.




An older demo of the Sword of Fireheart is available on A new one is in the works and should release soon. The game is also seeking votes on Steam Greenlight.

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