Help A Lost Spaceman Make His Way Back To Earth In Lost Orbit



    The latest candidate to join the list of unassuming men suddenly becoming heroes—Gordon Freeman, Isaac Clarke, Captain Olimar—is Harrison. Harrison is a “lowly” maintenance worker who just so happens to get caught out in the middle of nowhere when his spaceship goes kaboom in vertical scroller Lost Orbit.


    LOST ORBIT screenshot_media alrt

    As Harrison, players will have to pick up fuel, dodge asteroids and use the centrifugal force of planets to slingshot his way at breakneck speeds back to Earth and safety. The PC and smartphone game will have some 40 levels to get through spread across four systems. Four systems? Is it even possible for a man to survive long enough to traverse four systems?


    The game will also feature a story world “rich with comedy and tragedy” and filled with the loneliness of accidentally braining yourself on an asteroid with no one to hear you go smush. Since Harrison’s a handyman, he’ll be able to upgrade his jerry-rigged rocket backpack with several abilities as he journeys onwards.


    You can vote for it to get on Steam Greenlight here, and Lost Orbit will be available on PC, iOS and Android.


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