Help Valkyria Chronicles’ Welkin Lead Gallia In This Civilization V Mod




The Steam Workshop has a new mod for Civilization V that brings another strategic favorite back into the fray. Three users by the names of LeonAzarola, Typhlomence, and Meltin have created a Valkyria Chronicles – Principality of Gallia mod for the game.


Welkin Gunther, Valkyria Chronicles’ hero, appears in this Civilization V mod as Gallia’s leader. Ragnite is added as a resource, with a Ragnite Factory acting as a improvement unique to this civilization. The Ragnite Factories also offer +1 science after the civilization gains the ability to make plastic, and every two in the empire adds one Great Science and Great Engineer point.


Each Ragnite Factory provides two Ragnite, which can be used to create Edelweiss, the unique Gallian unit that replaces tanks. An Edelweiss uses Ragnite instead of oil, and is 10% less powerful when fighting outside of Gallian territory and 15% more powerful when inside.


The Valkyria Chronicles – Principality of Gallia Civilization V mod’s Unique Ability helps with production and military strength. All combat units are 15% more powerful when inside their “country.” Also, all defensive structures provide a 5% increase to both production and science, with the bonuses stacking.


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The Valkyria Chronicles – Principality of Gallia mod requires Civilization V: Brave New World to be played.

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