Best Fire Emblem Engage Zelestia Classes, Skills, and Emblem Rings

Helpful Fire Emblem Engage Zelestia Classes, Skills, and Emblem Rings

When Fire Emblem Engage launched, people may have wondered if the Four Hounds characters would become playable and, while most of them like Zephia aren’t, their Four Winds counterparts like Zelestia are. Zelestia is even an especially unique situation, as she’s a character with a unique class like the members of the royal family or dragons. Once someone recruits her, they might wonder what to do with their new unit. Well, here are some possible ideas for other classes, Emblem Rings, and skills that could work for Zelestia in Fire Emblem Engage after Fell Xenologue.

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Possible Zelestia Classes in Fire Emblem Engage

I know I said this for Nel and her brother already, but there’s really no need to change Zelestia’s class. Melusine is unique to her and it is great. Soulblade is an amazing skill that’s super well-suited to her, as Soulblade uses an enemy’s Def and Res stats to determine her sword damage. Give her a good sword. Give her a Levin sword. Give her a fantastic tome or two. You’re set.

But if you do want to play around with other classes, Zelestia’s stats make her an incredibly fast character with high speed growth. Her magic and strength base stats are about equal and have identical growth. Her luck and her build are her only failings, really. Everything else is pretty great, though her resistance is higher than her defense and has better growth rates.

If you want her to be a physical attacker and want to switch classes, it might be fun turning her into a Wolf Knight or Wyvern Knight. Her speed will help her in both, and she does have good strength growth rates.

She also makes a fantastic mage, though. So another possible path if you want to switch things up is to make her a Mage Knight (she can still use Levin Sword) or maybe even a Sage.

Possible Zelestia Emblem Rings in Fire Emblem Engage

When it comes to Emblem Rings for Zelestia in Fire Emblem Engage, it depends on if you want to focus on her dealing magical or physical damage. If you’d want to go with physical damage, it might be smart to pick Camilla or Eirika. With Camilla, you give her Decisive Strike to deal more damage after critical hits, inflict Dragon Vein effects, and unleash the Dark Inferno to spread fire. As for Eirika, her Lunar Brace could be great for dealing additional physical damage with Lunar Brace and increase her ability to avoid attacks.

As for magical damage, I found Celica and Soren to be helpful for Zelestia. Celica increases her tome damage with Resonance, allows her to use Echo to attack with magic at 50% damage and then perform a second magical attack, and gives an already incredibly mobile unit Warp Ragnarok. Meanwhile, Soren gives her Flare to inflict -20% Res on foes and recover health when attacking with a tome and lets her inflict status effects when using different elemental magic with Anima Focus.

Possible Zelestia Skills in Fire Emblem Engage

Here are a few I’ve been considering and working toward teaching Zelestia with a physical build.

  • Assign Decoy: 1,500 SP and level 5 bond with Soren. “Use to make one chosen ally more likely to be targeted by enemies for 1 turn. Effect is removed after ally is targeted by or otherwise damaged by foes 3 times.”
  • Decisive Strike+: 1,000 SP and level 18 bond with Camilla. “If unit initiates combat and lands a critical, deals 10 damage to foe after combat.”
  • Dodge+30: 2,500 SP and level 19 bond with Eirika. “Grants Ddg+30.”
  • Keen Insight+: 3,000 SP and level 18 bond with Soren. “When unit deals Effective damage, deal +7 damage.”
  • Lunar Brace+: 5,000 SP and level 13 bond with Eirika. “If unit initiates combat with a physical attack, deals extra damage=30% of foe’s Def.”

And here are some that might work for her if you’re prioritizing her magical attacks.

  • Anima Focus: 800 SP and level 5 bond with Soren. “When using tomes, unit inflicts Def-3 with fire, Hit-20 with thunder, or Mov-2 with wind magic for 1 turn.”
  • Block Recovery: 1,500 SP and level 13 bond with Soren. “When attacking a broken foe with a tome, grants a cahnce the foe will remain broken. Chance increases with high Spd.”
  • Magic Guard 5: 1,000 SP and level 19 bond with Soren. “If foe is equipped with a tome, unit takes 5 less damage during combat.”
  • Resonance+: 3,000 SP and level 16 bond with Celica. “When equipped with a tome, if unit’s HP is 2 or more, unit loses 1 HP at start of combat and deals +3 damage during combat.
  • Tome Precision 5: 2,000 SP and level 17 bond with Celica. “Grants Hit/Avo+15 when using a tome.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch, as is the Fell Xenologue DLC.

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