Here Are All The Eevee Pokemon Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Event Items


Eevee Pokemon Animal Crossing Pocket Camp The Eevee Pokemon Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp crossover has begun. Until October 23, 2018, people can collect Poke Balls or spend Leaf Tickets to craft various items like Eevee suits or Poke Ball furniture. In addition, everyone receives a free Eevee Hood just for logging into the game.


All of the items can be found in the Craft section under Event. The Poke Ball, Poke Ball Chair, and Poke Ball Rug all cost Leaf Tickets. The Eevee Tee, Eevee Costume, Eevee Rug, Eevee Table, and Giant Stuffed Eevee can all be made after you have collected enough Poke Balls and Bells. The Eevee Shirt should be able to be crafted after you do your first hunt for Poke Balls, as it only requires ten Poke Balls and 240 Bells. If you need more Poke Balls for making things, you should be able to find some about every hour or two by looking at Breezy Hollow, Lost Lure Creek, Market Place, OK Motors, Saltwater Shores, and Sunburst Island or getting access to Shovelstrike Quarry at the right time.


Here are the exact crafting requirements for each Pokemon Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp item.

  • Eevee Hood: Free
  • Eevee Tee: 10 Poke Balls and 240 Bells
  • Eevee Costume: 30 Poke Balls and 720 Bells
  • Eevee Rug: 50 Poke Balls and 1,200 Bells
  • Eevee Table: 80 Poke Balls and 1,920 Bells
  • Giant Stuffed Eevee: 100 Poke Balls and 2,400 Bells
  • Poke Ball: 5 Leaf Tickets
  • Poke Ball Chair: 50 Leaf Tickets
  • Poke Ball Rug: 80 Leaf Tickets


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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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