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Here Are The Some Of The Ghosts And Puzzles In Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon


Nintendo have shared a new 4-minute overview trailer of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon in Japan.



2013-02-27_044200 2013-02-27_044213

2013-02-27_044435 2013-02-27_044237

The trailer shows several ghosts Luigi will be encountering in his upcoming spooky adventure.


2013-02-27_044650 2013-02-27_044723

2013-02-27_044747 2013-02-27_044855

And a look inside some of the mansions he’ll be exploring.


2013-02-27_045220 2013-02-27_045341

Along with several puzzles, including one that involves having to slide a toad across ice.


2013-02-27_045834 2013-02-27_045901

They also give us a brief look at the multiplayer Hunter Mode. In the above menu screen, you will be able to choose the type of tower, number of floors and difficulty, which you can play online with other players worldwide.


Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is slated for release on March 24th in North America.


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