Here’s A Look At Elsword’s Quirky New Character


Add SS (18)

Just as predicted, action brawler MMO Elsword is adding a new character to its lineup with Add. He is the ninth playable character for the game.


Add SS (1) Add SS (11)

Add SS (15) Add SS (16)

Add is a mid-ranged caster, using his Nasod Dynamo to blast away at foes. Add uses a new Dynamo Point system in combat. A DP Gauge slowly fills as he attacks, and at certain thresholds, he’ll be able to turn that into more powerful shots and further his combo moves with DP Mode.


Each time he activates DP Mode adds a new counter to a further mechanic, the DP Counter. That counter then lets him further smack on foes with increased firepower. There’s a trend here.


Add SS (2) Add SS (3)

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Of course, if anything gets up close and puffs at him, it’s likely the fragile Add will fall over. Which is why he’s also able to levitate and fly in short bursts for extra mobility.


Add SS (8) Add SS (9)

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The poor man can be pitied. A little. You would probably go insane too if you have Add’s backstory: Forced to see his family killed and then trapped within a techno-athenaeum for a thousand years might do that. When he finally escapes, he discovers that the Nasods that he once studied are long gone. All except for the Queen Nasod herself.


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Elsword is out now on PC.