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Here’s A Look At The Beefy Toukiden Demo


Tecmo Koei recently announced that Toukiden will be seeing a release in the West later this year, along with an official trailer that was revealed during E3 last week. Prior to that, the historical hunting action game will be coming out at the end of this month in Japan, and will see a demo on the 18th. Here’s a good look at the first few minutes of the demo that shows character creation, Utakata Village and some demon purging action:



The video starts out with the character create part, which has basic customizable features such as gender, hairstyle, hair color, face type, skin color and voice. The next part is picking a main weapon for your Mononofu warrior. You can get a closer look at weapon details in our earlier report.


In the next part of the demo, we see a cut-scene of what appears to be two powerful Mononofu warriors taking out a demon in just a few seconds. They head back to the village while mentioning that they’re expecting a newcomer, who they hope will be useful.


The player is immediately sent into a tutorial fight against a demon. It doesn’t seem to offer too many instructions on what to do, but it gives us a look at the neat damaging vision feature that allows us to take a look at the various parts of the demon that can be damaged and broken off. After persistently attacking the demon, the fight eventually ends.


The green-haired Mononofu player is then greeted by the leader Yamato. He then instructs the newly appointed senior officer Ouka to take the newcomer to his house. Ouka, who seems to be a nice young lady and knows how to crack a couple jokes, makes some small talk about the Utakata Village then shows the player to his new home.


The home only has a save point at first, which you’ll have access to right away. If you’d like to know more about the village, check out our earlier report, here.


Just as the player was starting to look comfortable settling into his new home, a bell goes off. This sound indicates war. The new Mononofu warrior is immediately requested to participate in the battle. The player is then instructed to speak to the receptionist, Yuu, before taking off to battle. As seen in other games of the hunting genre, she’ll be the one  you’ll be talking to before starting any quest.


The starting quest seems to be pretty simple, as you’ll be taking out minion demons with the help of Ouka. The main goal of it is to get players used to using the map and picking up drops from the enemies, while trying out various attack combinations. The footage ends with the player acquiring a Mitama, a spiritual power from historic heroes, along with a message saying there will be plenty more available to experience on the upcoming demo of Toukiden.


Toukiden is slated for release on June 27th for PlayStation Vita and PSP.


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