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Here’s A Look At Toukiden’s Opening And PSP Gameplay Footage


In our earlier report, we showed a glimpse at the first few minutes of Toukiden’s beefy demo that will be downloadable on June 18th in Japan. While the video of the demo was based on the PlayStation Vita version of the game, here’s a look at the opening movie along with some footage from the PSP version.



The above is the opening movie for Toukiden, that shows a solo Mononofu warrior struggling to defeat a giant demon until he gets backup from three comrades that jump in the action.



In the PSP version’s gameplay demo, there are four Mononofu players from Tecmo Koei, tagging up to fight what appears to be a giant spider demon. The players are seen using the versatile Long Katana, the powerful and combo-heavy Tekko Gloves, the barraging long-ranged Bow, and the Sickle and Chain that allows you to mount enemies while attacking from mid-air.


As the Mononofu warriors pound away at the boss, it appears that they break off a few limbs, but it manages to regenerate them with glowing replacement parts, so simply taking off their parts won’t be enough to keep them down for good.


Toukiden is slated for release on June 27th for PlayStation Vita and PSP in Japan.


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