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Here’s What We Can Expect To See In Splatoon 2’s Global Testfire Next Weekend



Splatoon 2’s “Global Testfire” demo is now available to download, but fans won’t get to play it until its scheduled times next weekend on March 24-26. Here are some details from the official Japanese Twitter account on what we can expect to see in the demo.


When March 24 hits, fans will get to try out the game’s 4v4 “Turf War” mode with four different types of weapons to choose from. This is the same format as seen in previous Nintendo Switch demonstration events where the game was available to check out.


As for the stages, the Global Testfire will have two maps:



First is the new Splatoon 2 map called “The Reef,” located just right around the corner from Inkopolis Square.



The second map is another one new to Splatoon 2, and it is none other than the “Musselforge Fitness,” which we got to see as the Barnacle Sports Club in our previous report when it was revealed for Japan.


Both maps will be available in the Global Testfire, with either one of them being selected at random for each match throughout the demo.


Splatoon 2 is slated for release in Summer 2017 for Nintendo Switch. The Global Testfire begins next weekend, from March 24 through March 26. Make sure to check out its schedule so you can plan ahead of time.

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