Here’s A First Look At Artwork Of Level-5’s Unannounced Fifth Cross-Media Project



Level-5 teased a look at their upcoming fifth cross-media project that has yet to be announced, during a recent livestream with company CEO Akihiro Hino. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]



Not much else was revealed, but other than the two images above, Hino hinted, “it won’t send you to space. It’ll be a very familiar story. Maybe a school drama…?” He mentioned that he’s being vague because the cross-media project has involvement of a lot of people, so he wants to avoid making any poor remarks. However, he added “it’s turning out great, and you should look forward to it. I am fully confident.”


We can expect to hear more about Level-5’s fifth cross-media project at Level-5 Vision 2016 on July 27.

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