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Here’s A First Look At BlazBlue: Central Fiction On PS4 And PS3, Along With Xblaze’s Es



Arc System Works recently revealed that BlazBlue: Central Fiction is headed to PS4 and PS3, and they’ve provided its first look with some new screenshots and details via Famitsu.



In addition to bringing back modes that we’ve seen throughout past entries of the series, there will be new modes that have yet to be revealed. The above screenshot shows its Arcade Mode, V.S. Mode, Grimm  of Abyss Mode, Score Attack Mode, and Speed Star Mode.



The Story Mode features newly written story featuring dozens of hours of scenario, and will also show the last part of “Azure Story,” which features Ragna and has been developing since 2008.



Es from Xblaze will make an appearance as an original character for the console version of the game. She’s a mysterious girl that appears in front of Xblaze protagonist Toya Kagari. Contrary to her cute appearance, she has high battle capabilities. She doesn’t have any interest outside of her given missions, and doesn’t speak about herself much. But she does love pudding.




BlazBlue: Central Fiction will release in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in fall 2016.

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