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Here’s A Good Look At The New God Eater 2 Demo


Earlier this week, Namco Bandai announced a new demo for their upcoming post-apocalyptic Aragami hunting game, God Eater 2. In a recent special YouTube program, we get a look at God Eater series producer Yusuke Tomizawa and a few celebrities taking on a couple of missions from the demo.



The video starts out with the program’s hostess Shoko Nakagawa greeting the guest comic duo America Zarigani to the show, as part of their YouTube entertainment week special, in addition to Namco Bandai’s God Eater 2 producer Yusuke Tomizawa, who casually walks in with a God Arc replica.


After a brief explanation of the series, at 4:51 we get a peek at God Eater 2’s new trailer that shows off the game’s weapons, including the new Charge Spear and Boost Hammer. We also get a look at some of the Blood Art attacks, which will be special attacks boasting over 200 varieties spread across all the weapons.


At 7:00 we get a first look at a mission that will be part of the upcoming God Eater 2 demo. In this mission, you’ll be fighting the Chimera beast Vajra, who first appeared in Gods Eater Burst.


The video focuses around the play of producer Tomizawa, who further demonstrates the Charge Spear’s reach and gliding abilities. After taking out a few enemies, the real fight begins around 9:20, when the group encounters Vajra. Tomizawa starts out by using one of the Charge Spear’s Blood Arts.


The Vajra proves to be a little tougher than expected, as it knocks out the producer with its high damaging attacks and its ability to poison its foes. Players will have 30 seconds to be resurrected by allies before they re-spawn at a designated spot. Nakagawa also comments that the Boost Hammer in the game is actually quite easy to get the hang of, as she continues pounding the Chimera beast.


The group of four are joined by another group of four avid God Eater players, who weren’t exactly keen on their earlier performance. In the next part, the two groups challenge each other in a different mission, starting with Team Shoko-tan at 18:20.


The goal of this mission is to take out a pair of Aragami, known as the Ukonvasara. The group starts out by attacking whichever beast is closest, but having to fight two vicious Ukonvasara could be tough, so they do their best to focus their hits on one of them.


Just as it looks like things are going smoothly for the group, the Ukonvasara makes a run for it to join its partner, but it doesn’t take long for them to take it down. After a short struggle, the first team manages to defeat the second beast, finishing the mission in just 4 minutes and 5 seconds.


Next up is the team of avid God Eater players, who also start out by focusing their attacks on one Ukonvasara (while being mocked by team Shoko-tan for copying their strategy.)


The team put their previous God Eater experience to use, as the main player pulls off a level 3 Burst Link ability, as they impressively defeat the first Aragami, and quickly take out the next, finishing in merely 3 minutes and 6 seconds.


God Eater 2 is slated for release in Japan on November 14 for PlayStation Vita and PSP.

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