Here’s How Grandia II Looks In HD


grandia ii hd a

GungHo Online Entertainment is bringing Grandia II HD to both Steam and GOG in 2015, and now we have a better idea of how the remaster is going to look. Eight newly released screenshots provide a first look at what the visual upgrade will entail. Take a look at what the game looks like 15 years later.

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Grandia II HD is the story of a mercenary named Ryudo and a Church of Granas songstress named Elena. An ordinary escort mission ends up going wrong, and Ryudo and Elena discover the young woman is now sharing her body with a woman named Millenia, the “Wings of Valmar,” a piece of the enemy of Granas. Cue an adventure that sends the trio and company around the world accumulating the rest of Valmar’s parts.


The 2015 release of Grandia II HD  will be the fourth iteration of Grandia II released. The first came to the Dreamcast in 2000, and was followed by PS2 and PC ports in 2002. This remaster is based on the original Dreamcast release.

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