Here’s How to Get Every Ending in Pocket Mirror GoldenerTraum

Pocket Mirror Goldenertraum endings
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As one may expect, there are a couple of divergent endings in Pocket Mirror: GoldenerTraum. In total, there are seven endings in it, as well as several Dead Ends that result in an instant Game Over. To fully understand the story and lore of the game, you will need to go through the game multiple times. This guide will help you to see all of the endings in Pocket Mirror: GoldenerTraum and uncover the secret of the die Heilige family. As a warning, this guide will contain spoilers.

No matter what, you will have to replay the game twice. There’s one ending that you can only unlock if you don’t get any of the girls’ Regalias. But most of the other endings require you to have at least one. To make things easier, you can create multiple save files. You should make your first separate save as soon as you get to Fleta’s Dollhouse so you can skip Egliette’s section. Then, make another separate file when you reach Sub Rosa in Lisette’s world. Sub Rosa is where it splits between the Platinum and Dawn/Goody Two Shoes endings. After seeing Dawn or Goody Two Shoes, make a new save file when the game prompts you to so that you can load up from Hades to get the other ending.

Here are the different endings in Pocket Mirror: Goldenertraum and how to get them:

Bad Ending #1: Porcelain

Pocket Mirror Endings Porcelain

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In order to achieve the Porcelain ending, you need to lose in the final game against Greta. There are two ways to lose musical chairs. The first way is to sit down before the music ends. The second is to be too slow at pressing “A” when it ends and not get a chair.

Bad Ending #2: Blindness

Pocket Mirror endings blindness

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In order to achieve the Blindness ending, you need to follow Harpae up the stairs before completing the required levels. Like with Porcelain, there are two ways to do so. The first is choosing to go with Harpae after she notices a button fell off the protagonists cardigan. The second is following Harpae up the stairs before completing the Nuit section, which is on Level III of Harpae’s section.

Normal Ending #1: Platinum

Platinum Ending

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This is likely the first ending that players will get if playing the game normally. In order to achieve the Platinum ending, you will need to end the game with an incomplete set of Regalia. Because she never gets all of the Regalia, the protagonist never regains her memories and figures out her identity.

Normal Ending #2: Dawn

Pocket Mirror Dawn endings

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In order to achieve the Dawn ending, you will need to end the game with a complete set of Regalia and Enjel needs to reach the pocket mirror first. Here is how to get all three Regalia in the Pocket Mirror GoldenerTraum:

  • Fleta: You need to win all of the games you play with her.
  • Harpae: In your conversation with Harpae in the attic, you will need to choose options that respect her independence. Aside from holding her hand, you cannot help Harpae or acknowledge her weakness in any way. This includes telling her that you were worried about her after having her move things around in the attic.
  • Lisette: When Lisette asks how you know her name, you have to tell her that you remembered it on your own. Near the end of her section, when the game asks if ou want to help her, you have to choose “Yes.”

There is no canon ending in the game, but this is the closest one to being the True End.

Normal Ending #3: Goody Two Shoes

Pocket Mirror endings Goody Two Shoes

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In order to achieve the Goody Two Shoes ending, you will need to end the game with a complete set of Regalia and you need to reach the pocket mirror before Enjel does. In order to do that, you have to start running immediately after your conversation with her. Simply hold down the Shift and Up keys while she talks to you and you will take off sprinting.

??? Ending: Witching Hour

witching hour

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In order to achieve this ending, you have to get to the end of the game and not possess any Regalia in the end. The exception to this is Egliette’s, which is necessary to completing the game. Ironically, this ending is the one that most plainly spells out the entire story even though you literally cannot collect any of the protagonist’s memories to access it.

??? Ending: Shattered Delusion

Shattered Delusion

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In order to achieve this ending, you must be playing a NG+, which unlocks after a Normal Ending. So this one is new to GoldenerTraum. Getting this is kind of complicated. First, read A Boy’s Midnight Journey in Fleta’s library and then get a Blue Key. Get another Blue Key by listening to Wax Record III in Harpae’s area. The final Blue Key is after the murder investigation in Harpae’s section, and you can find it in the room the girl was crying in. After you obtain all three Blue Keys, go to the blue door in Dusk, which is again in Harpae’s area. Keep in mind you can only have one Regalia (excluding Egliette’s) for Shattered Delusion.

Pocket Mirror GoldenerTraum is readily available on Windows PC.

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