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Here’s How To Make Final Fantasy’s Terra And Edgar In SoulCalibur VI




SoulCalibur VI’s character creator is really good. Even though it does not have many visual options yet, it is still possible to work with what is available to make some rather iconic characters. I mean, when I talked about the editor last month, I showed off many of the Fire Emblem characters I made with the game. This time, we are going to do something a little different. I am going to go step by step and show how to make versions of two Final Fantasy heroes. Today, we will try and make characters who look like Final Fantasy VI’s Terra Branford and Edgar Roni Figaro.


To help go over these creations, I have put together videos. I’ll go over them in a paragraph below, in case you want a summary to go off of. Basically, the goal is to have approximations that offer the same sort of feel as these Final Fantasy heroes, while working with the few items we have so far.



Let’s start with Terra. I went with Xianghua’s fighting style and Straight Sword, since she wields a one-handed sword in her game. I also gave her the Magic Pack and Holy effects in that category. Even though she is half-esper in the game, I made her a normal human here. She has an Average Thin body, the Female Face 4 design to give her a bit of an edge, and Eyebrows 10. Since she becomes a mother figure to the orphans in the game, I assigned her the Elder Sister voice. There are no bows yet, but Taki’s Shinobi Style hair in 7, 12, 0 gives her the right shade of yellow-green that her hair normally is now. Also, if you make her hairclip 7, 52, 5, you get a good shade of purple for the hair tie.


For Terra’s outfit, the most critical part is the Cursed Bird Leotard. You need 550 points to unlock it, so have those on hand. While there are no scarves to have around her waist as a belt, the Scaled Fault with different colors and a striped pattern can come pretty close. The Lord’s Mantle is perfect as her cape. (Just make sure you apply the paisley pattern to it!) I also have her some Dancer’s Bracelets, since there are a lot of elaborate accessories in her official art. There are no tights in-game, but the Seong Sarong work well enough. (Again, put a pattern that adds some polka dots or spots to them.) Since most of the current boots are too high or armored to suit her, I went with basic Leather Shoes. Since getting the colors right is a process, I am going to go ahead and recommend you skip to the 4:50 minute mark in the video to get that right.




To be honest, making Edgar in SoulCalibur VI is a lot easier. (Probably because he is a lancer-guy who wears all of the armor.) I started out by using Kilik’s fighting style and Rhombus Rod, because that fits with Edgar’s equipment in Final Fantasy VI. I mean, there are no chainsaws or drills here. Then, I gave him the Anime Pack for fun. He has the basic Slightly Tall/Average build, the Male Face 21, Ponytail, Eyebrows 21, and Dependable Leader voice. For his hair color, I recommend going with 19, 8, 7 for the hair and the slightly darker 7, 8, 7 for his eyebrows.


When it comes to clothing and equipment, Edgar is rather basic. Since he is a king and has knightly tendencies, I went with the Chain Mail, with Warrior’s Breastplate, Scaled Fauld, Wizard’s Mantle, and Steel Pauldrons on top of that. Since he does not wear gloves in most Final Fantasy VI designs, I skipped that and finished the outfit off with White Knight’s Greaves. Like I said before, it is very easy to dress him up, and the video above gives the exact colors I used for the shades of blue and magenta used in his armor.




As I have said before, SoulCalibur VI’s creation tools can be pretty great. You might not be able to create all of your favorite iconic or original characters, but it is still possible to do a lot. Especially if you are working with heroes from series like Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem, where people are always using swords, lances, and axes. Hopefully, these two can help you think of ideas when recreating your own favorite Final Fantasy characters!


SoulCalibur VI is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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