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Here’s A Look At Some Artwork For A Possible SaGa 2015 Character



    SaGa series creator Akitoshi Kawazu and Square Enix are currently working on the latest installment of the series, with the working title of SaGa 2015 for PlayStation Vita. Kawazu recently tweeted an image of some rough character sketches.



    The above is a look at the aforementioned tweet. Kawazu says that they usually don’t reveal such work to the public, but he decided to make an exception this time around.


    The artwork is done by series illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi, who occasionally does these kinds of simple drawings that might just show the character’s backside, according to Kawazu. The key parts are her heart-shaped hairclip and how she has an outer layer of blonde hair with the inner parts being pink.


    Additionally, it’s interesting to see that this character is drawn in a regular form and a super-deformed chibi-style as well.


    Kawazu doesn’t explicitly say that this a design for SaGa 2015 or whether this character will be in the game or not, but judging by the hashtag used on the tweet, it’s safe to assume that it’s work for the game in question, and that if they’re happy with the end-results, this character could very well be one of the game’s heroines.


    SaGa 2015 is in development for PlayStation Vita.

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